Tony Lim

New China Opticians was founded in 1927 and bought by current owner Tony Lim from its third generation owners a few years ago. It has always been known for it’s range of vintage eyewear from various brands like Ferragamo, Versace and Fendi glasses, as well as older brands like Maczler and Rodenstock. But since four years ago, Tony Lim has also been selling his own design under the Tony Hardy brand. These frames are specifically designed for Asian wearers. Each piece is handmade in Taiwan, Korea or China, it has an adjustable nose bridge and a more angled lens rim that doesn’t end up sitting on one’s cheeks, specially catering to Asians features.

Look out for future styles in their recently launched website – like bamboo-hewn spectacles, and maybe even a ‘Bobby’ style, named after local actor Bobby Tonelli, who’s said to be a massive fan.


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