Tony Hardy B8002

$ 128.00

  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS – This frame is made of titanium. As compared with metal, titanium is one of the lightest and most preferred material used in the manufacturing of eyeglasses frames. These titanium frames can be easily worn with a lot of comfort and relieve while playing games, jogging or running. With no maintenance required for these frames, it is surely one of the best materials especially for eyeglasses frames.
  • SOFT SILICONE NOSE PADS – The eyeglasses’ have silicone nose pads which can adapt to different nose shape. Reduces the burden on your bridge of the nose and create a new sense of fashion. 
  • CHANGEABLE LENS – You can take out the demo lenses to a prescription lens (make it into single vision lenses or progressive)
  • ADJUSTABLE TEMPLE TIP – You can adjust the back part of the frame which is the temple tip to your own comfort.
  • 软硅鼻垫 – 眼镜架的软硅鼻垫可以适应着不同的鼻子. 它也可以减少在鼻子上的重量, 创造新的时尚风格.
  • 更改眼镜片- 眼镜片可以随着您的度数更改 (普通或渐进眼镜片).
  • 镜腿调整 – 镜腿可以调整来适合您的脸.

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Collect in store: Free of charge
Local (Singapore), non-registered: Free of charge
Local (Singapore), registered: SGD$5
Overseas: SGD$15


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